The Obligatory Disclaimer

While the City of Eureka Springs is quick to plug Underground Eureka in their promotional tourism materials, it may be best if you do not attempt to actually enter any of the tunnels. These types of urban underground caverns can be dangerous. They are very old and not necessarily designed or maintained for human exploration. It is quite possible that you could get seriously injured or lost. A feasibility study was prepared at the request of the city to determine the safety and viability of Underground Eureka as a tourism offering, and they decided not to further develop the underground.

You can safely catch a glimpse of the Underground at the Grand Hall in the basement of the Grand Central Hotel, the oldest hotel in Eureka Springs. You can also read more about it from the historic plaque on Main Street near Mud Street Cafe. And while you are cruising "Mud" Street, check out the iron grate in the sidewalk at 8 S. Main Street that offers a quick glimpse of the Eureka Underground. The city also hosts a walking tour that discusses some of the history and offers a glimpse here and there of subterranean Eureka.

I'm hoping that this page can serve as something of a disclaimer. So for the record, I must state very clearly that I do not endorse or recommend entering any of the Eureka Springs Underground tunnels. All information provided on this website is for historical research only, and not meant to promote Underground Eureka as a safe, legal, or suggested area to explore. If individuals use the information for such purposes they do so at their own risk and assume all responsibility.

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